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Artesanías Montesinos is a Mexican company dedicated to producing polychrome clay art pieces, combining Mexican folklore and quality to deliver an unforgettable experience to our customers.

Artesanias decorativas y figuras de colección hechas a mano


Saul Montesinos began working at the age of 11 with his brother in Mr. Ani's craft workshop, in order to learn and receive payment.  

However, the polychrome clay gave him the dream of creating and giving color to pieces that he followed with effort and dedication.  perfecting.

At the beginning of the university he met Don Tomas Hernández who has a crafts workshop, already having greater skill in making pieces, so Don Tomas did not hesitate to make him his partner some time later they separated and began working with Don Elfego forming an alliance, time after  they separated due to having different visions and already having the concern to start their own craft workshop.

In 1999 he married who is now his wife, they begin to produce polychrome clay pieces, although they were difficult times knocking on several doors, until a store in the state of Mexico gave them the opportunity to promote their handicrafts , over time customers were getting to know the work of Saul Montesinos gaining prestige and recognition throughout the Mexican Republic and high prestige stores as we know it today as ARTESANIAS MONTESINOS, for 22 years.

The goal is to serve

Saul Montesinos

Saul Montesinos Gonzalez

Founder & CEO

Our clients

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